Humber Bridge fence Climb

Urbex Abseiling Basic Kit

Wearing Equipment

If you want to get into urbex abseiling and wondered how much it cost and exactly what you would need, look no further! We've put together the starters pack of tools and equipment to get you going. From ropes to belays we've tried and tested exactly the right tools you'll need in the urban environment for descending decaying buildings and forgotten bridges.

Buying A Rope

Firstly, what you need to start with is a rope, but not just any rope. The perfect line required for abseiling is a static rope. A static rope is not the same as a climbing rope as it has very little stretch, whereas your climbing rope may stretch up to 40%. Beal make a good static abseiling rope with low abrasion; the rope is priced at £1.75 per metre. A good suggested length to start with is 30 metres, though when you get braver, 50 metres can handle most urbex pursuits.


It's impossible to safely abseil without some sort of device to slow your decent. We find that a good figure of eight works very well with our 10.5mm Beal Static Rope. The figure of eight belay allows a speedy decent without breaking the bank and is priced at just £9.99! To go with your figure of eight you'll also need a strong carabiner, check out Rock Empire's combo for £18.99.


You can never have enough carabiners, because if you don't need to use them they'll look really cool attached to your harness. We recommend at least 5, which breaks down to be 2 on your main anchor point, 1 on each of your backup anchors and one attached to you.

Climbing Slings

Excellent for creating anchor points from metal pipes, access ladders and walls. With an absolute minimum of 4, which breaks down to 2 on your main anchor and 1 on each of your backup anchor points. We'd recommend buying different sizes, though shorter slings can easily be linked together to make longer slings.

Climbing slings should never be undersold, when not being used for urbex abseiling they link together and make a brilliant ladder to help with access. They've even helped us scale a 5 metre wall.

Ropes Tied To Building

Climbing Harness

Probably the most essential part of this kit, it's obviously what keeps you and the rope together. Don't spend a fortune on an extra special padded harness, the simple ones are often the best. We always use DMM for our harnesses and recommend the one-size-fits-all DMM Alpine Harness for £44.99. It's an absolutely bomb-proof harness!

So, that's the basic tool kit you'd need to start a hobby of urbex abseiling. Here's the breakdown of costs.

Beginners package total: £198.99

Being attached to buildings and bridges is fun, but it can also be dangerous. Be careful and never attempt anything without the correct training.