About Tied To 111

About Tied To 111

An ambitious goal to abseil from 111 different UE locations. Looking at the world from a different angle, a view while dangling off of a rope somewhere between the top and the bottom of something, somewhere we probably shouldn't be.

None of the reports on this website were performed with permission from the owners, these stunts are a showcase of rebellion to the system of human restriction. Where we're told not to go and not to use we simply should reply "why not!". Our world is full of places to explore, but we don't need to conquer, all we need to do is share.

We should be able to use a place or space at our own risk, without landowners worry of lawsuit or theft. Using places for leisure, exploring the unusual and retaining respect for individual spaces can all become harmonious in a world of UE.

But why abseiling?

Proving that the power of overcoming one's own personal restriction is within everyone, everyone has the capability to overcome any obstacle, whether in their path or in their mind. To prove the seemingly impossible and showcasing the use of non-public sites for leisure without the need to commit a crime. It's the power of being tied to 111 different UE locations.