Tied To 111

Ropes Challenge

Sat On Edge Soviet Apartment Block, Pripyat

We're challenging ourselves to be tied with ropes to 111 different UE locations. Put into more detail, our ropes challenge is to abseil, jump from, swing or climb 111 different man made structures. From bridges to derelict buildings and chimneys to giant art, with no set time-frame, we plan to conquer these structures to show how they can be used outside their design.

Pushing our boundaries to achieve our greatest and most fun event, with each challenge completed we proudly show that it's possible to use these locations, without causing damage, to exercise our human need for thrills. Check out the about page.

What Ropes Challenge

Using both static and dynamic ropes we tackle some of the most prominent buildings and structures throughout the world. If it looks high and is not supposed to be climbed, abseiled or jumped from, then we'll add it to our list of challenges.


We have a love for abseiling, to be tied to something and have the ability to walk on walls or hang in mid-air is amazing. The excitement of leaning over the edge of a rooftop or the thrill of racing to the ground attached to only a rope is why abseiling is such a prominent part of our ropes challenge. Plus, the fun of looking at something and thinking "I wonder if I could abseil that" is what drives our quest.

Bridge Jumping

Normally the thought of jumping from a bridge is associated with suicide, but we have a love for life and it's the thrill we chase, not the impact. Bridge jumping is the part of our ropes challenge which tests our trust, knowledge and expertise the most; and is definitely the most rewarding.

Ropes On Roof


Because, who didn't make rope swings when they were a kid? But now we're adults the swings only get bigger and bolder than ever before! Again, pushing the boundaries for that thrill and excitement.

Completing Our Ropes Challenge

As the name indicates, our ropes challenge will be completed when we have successfully been tied to 111 different UE locations.

The only rules are:

  • We must not have permission to be tied to the structure
  • We must be using ropes